The Forgotten Element?

Security Door Upgrades to Consider for Home Safety

Home safety is a concern for many homeowners. As issues of home invasions become more prevalent, so does the worry of what will happen to you and your family. One way many homeowners have dealt with this issue is by having a security door installed. However, with violence on the rise in many communities, that security door may need an upgrade. Here are some of the upgrades to consider for your security door installation and home safety. 

Childproof Locks

When you begin coming up with the ideas and features you would like on your ideal security door, childproof may not enter your mind. Childproofing your home security system and security doors can be vital. If a child can access the door and manage to open it easily, you have two problems. The first is a security risk for your child. The second issue is a security risk for the home. For this reason, childproof locks and doorways should be part of your security door upgrade list. 

Keyless Entry

Keyless entry systems are a popular way of upgrading your security door system. There are several ways to access your door without the use of keys. You can use a card entry system or a more common keypad system. This makes it easy to get into your home during a possible security issue. It also means if someone obtains your keys or if you misplace your keys, you do not have to worry about someone breaking into the home. They would need the passcode, card, or another method to enter which leaves your home safe. 

Security Camera Doorbell

Doorbell cameras are an upgrade that you should strongly consider if you are concerned with home safety. The benefit of a doorbell camera is to have a recorded image of the person causing the security threat. In addition to having a recorded image to give to the police, you can also record the incident. Some units also have the ability to notify the police from the doorbell app and send them a live feed from your doorbell camera. 

Security door installation services are available to suggest options for your home. They are also available to suggest upgrades that work for your specific home safety needs. Once you decide which upgrades are best for you, you can schedule your appointment. The appointment will consist of the security door installation and upgrades you requested as well as a demonstration of the new security systems.