The Forgotten Element?

Why Should Your Residential Security Doors Have Screens?

A security door serves one main purpose: keeping intruders out. When you throw in a screen, it becomes a high-performance door that can serve many purposes. While the screen itself is built strong and sturdy to keep the door secure, it can improve the door's overall functionality and aesthetic appeal as further explained below.

Increasing natural ventilation

Australia is generally a hot country, meaning that many people heavily rely on air conditioning systems to keep their homes cool and comfortable.  The heavy reliance on these mechanical space-cooling systems can increase energy usage, consequently making energy bills add up fast.

Installing security screen doors is a smart way to increase your home's security while letting in the cool breeze from outside. This allows you to beat the heat without spending too much on your domestic cooling bills.

Providing an unobstructed view of the outside

Unlike security doors made of solid metal, security screen doors give you the chance to see outside without opening the door. This can further enhance your home's security, especially if lots of strangers come knocking at your door on a regular basis.

Keeping insects out

Nobody likes to share their residence with insect pests. If you live in an area where insect activity is high during certain times of the year, having security screens can help you keep the pesky critters out.

Keeping pets in

Do you have pets that often stray out of the house through the small openings in your main entry door? Security screens not only keep annoying insects out but also keep your furry, four-legged family members inside the house. This can help keep them safe from the danger that may lurk outside.

Improving the aesthetics of your home

Since security doors serve as exterior doors, their appearance matters from an aesthetic point of view. Beautiful security doors can improve the appearance and beauty of a home's exterior environment, resulting in increased kerb appeal.

Security screens can add a decorative element to your doors, making your home look more beautiful. When the mesh is included in the design of security doors, regular cleaning may be required to keep the doors aesthetically pleasing.

Not all security screen doors are created equal so you should choose your doors based on your specific needs. If you need help with determining the design of your security doors, feel free to ask a local specialist for advice. Contact a local security screen supplier to learn more.