The Forgotten Element?

How You Can Add Some More Christmas Cheer With A Florist

Flowers are traditionally seen as great gifts during birthdays, anniversaries, and Valentine's day or even for someone who is unwell, but traditionally they haven't had regular appearances at Christmas. This is a shame because there are many different bouquets and arrangements you can easily find (or have designed for you) that suit Christmas down to a tee. If you are wondering how you can make this Christmas a bit extra special after such a tough few years with COVID-19, then here is how a florist can help you make it a day and night to remember for you and your loved ones. 

Natural Decorations

Christmas is filled with artificial decorations from the tinsel to the crackers you tear open with glee at the dinner table. There are very few naturally made decorations for Christmas anymore, with even the wreath and tree often made of plastic. Having some beautiful red and white roses (or flowers of some kind) will add a nice natural touch to your day and then for a while after as well. The smell that they bring also is just so summery and light, which is what a Christmas in Australia should be about. 

Give Them Out As Guests Leave

The wonderful thing about flowers is that you can use them during your Christmas get together and then hand them out as people leave so that they take a little memory with them as they go. For older relatives, this is an especially warm gesture that they will no doubt appreciate and will put straight in a vase as soon as they get home! Often you leave a Christmas party with no concrete memory of that day as opposed to all the others, so a physical reminder of all the fun you just had can be a nice memento, even if only for a while!

Great For People Who Can't Attend

While florists can add some beautiful touches to your family gathering, they also can be an appreciated gift to those who can't make it to your annual Christmas lunch or dinner this year. Perhaps borders have stopped people from coming, or maybe they are just financially unable to make the trip after such a lean year. Whatever the case may be, ordering flowers for them to their address can be a subtle but sweet way to remind them that you care about them and are thinking about them on this special day, even if they can't make it.

Reach out to a florist to discuss your options.