The Forgotten Element?

3 Reasons Louvred Roofs Are a Popular Patio Choice

Is outdoor living that popular in Australia? If the of Australians who acknowledge that they prefer a property with a backyard is anything to go by, then outdoor living is trendy. Therefore, if you already have a backyard and want to construct a patio, you should consider louvred roofing. While you can choose from different roofing options, louvred roofing is a better investment for your property. Here is why.

Safe and Easy Maintenance 

Patio roof maintenance is critical to its performance and durability. As such, regular cleaning is necessary, which may involve simply brushing away debris or scrubbing away stubborn stains. If your patio has a pitched or flat roof, you may have to climb on it for thoroughly cleaning. However, it increases the risk of falls, especially if you are using water and soap. A louvred patio roof is easy to clean since you need to open and angle the louvres perpendicular to the floor. It makes it easy to access each blade's surfaces, which you can clean with a long-handle mop. Moreover, cleaning a louvred roof is safe since you do everything from under a roof, not on it.

Controlled Lighting 

What is the point of having a patio if the amount of light getting into your relaxation space is under the mercy of the sun's position? Unfortunately, you might have to settle for such inflexibility with a fixed flat roof. When the sun is directly over a patio's roof, the space below remains relatively dark for the better part of the day. It gets even worse during cold seasons when there is significant cloud cover. Louvred roofs give you control over how much light gets into your patio. For instance, if you do not want too much light coming in, you close the louvres completely. However, if you want lots of light, all you have to do is open the blades fully. Alternatively, you can angle the slats to allow partial light and shade. No other patio roof offers you the same level of control.

Maximise Ventilation 

Patios are open on all sides, which promotes airflow into the relaxation space. However, a patio with an enclosed roof only allows airflow through the open sides. It is not a bad thing if your patio is in an open space. However, if your deck is surrounded by windbreakers, such as trees and structures, you want maximum airflow. A louvred roof promotes maximum ventilation since the open slats allow air to enter the space from above. If you have a barbecue grill on a patio, you do not have to worry about smoke accumulation since the louvred roof ensures constant fresh air.

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