The Forgotten Element?

Options for a Timber Kitchen Benchtop

Not many materials imbue a kitchen with warmth the way wood does, so it's understandable that timber benchtops are popular. They also provide a lot of choices. Even though all wood benchtops exhibit brown or cream earthy shades, they offer many different colours, and you have other options. To find out more, read on.

Hardwood Choices

Australia grows many beautiful hardwood species that are used for kitchen benchtops. The one you select for your benchtop depends on the colours you're after. Some species exhibit blonde shades, while others display warm chocolates or reds. Price comes into play also — some hardwoods are more expensive than others. If you buy your countertop from a kitchen wholesale outlet, then you'll save money, and you'll have more freedom in picking your favourite benchtop.

Repurposed Wood

A benefit of timber counters is that as they begin to show scratches and dings, you can sand them back to reveal pristine, smooth wood underneath. However, some people specifically prefer a weathered patina that gives a homey feel. For this reason, they might turn to repurposed timber, which arises from wooden objects that have been removed from other places. For example, old doors and wood panelling could have been harvested from a demolished house — ready to be carved into your countertop.

Many people love using repurposed wood. Not only will they have unique timber in their kitchen, but they're helping the environment by reusing previous items rather than making new ones. You could hire an expert joiner to transform your piece of timber to fit within your kitchen layout.

Bamboo Counters

Another possibility is a bamboo counter, though bamboo is not strictly timber. It's a type of grass that manufacturers bind together to create planks and boards that look like wood. Because bamboo grows fast, your counter won't consume natural timber resources. But you'll enjoy the beautiful warm shades it brings to a kitchen. Similarly to timber, a bamboo benchtop can be oiled or covered in polyurethane for protection.

Thus, if you have decided to go with a timber counter, you'll have a range of possibilities. First, you can choose between different hardwood species, each of which exhibits different shades and colours. Alternatively, you could install a repurposed timber piece, which a joiner can personalise to your kitchen. Finally, bamboo is another lovely natural choice. Because this grass is fast-growing and abundant, you don't have to worry about using limited timber resources.