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Top Awning Fabrics to Choose for Your Patio

When buying an awning for their patio, most homeowners focus too much on the design. They want a design that is architecturally in sync with their house. Although you can choose from a variety of awning designs, you should not ignore the fabric. Luckily, awnings are made from different materials, so it's easy to find one that suits your needs. This article highlights the most common awning fabrics available.

Acrylic/Acrylic-Coated Fabrics

One of the best awning fabrics out there is acrylic or any other material coated with an acrylic base. If you live along the Australian coast, where humidity levels can hit the roof during summer, you need an awning that can withstand high atmospheric moisture content. Acrylic is an excellent performer in such regions because it is water-resistant, eliminating the likelihood of mildew. Additionally, when you buy an awning, you should think about ultraviolet (UV) sunrays. Acrylic fabrics are the perfect awning material because of their UV resistance properties. The best part is that acrylic materials can be translucent, making them the best choice for an enclosed outdoor space.

Vinyl Fabrics

Vinyl fabrics come in two different types: laminated and coated. The most common type is laminated vinyl due to its waterproof properties and strength. Notably, laminated vinyl fabrics are best suited for medium to large awnings, and they are affordable to most people.

On the other hand, coated vinyl is the more durable of the two types since it is of a higher quality. Coated vinyl can be used on awnings of any size, whether small, medium, or large. An added advantage that coated vinyl fabric has over laminated vinyl is that it is stain resistant. The property makes coated vinyl the perfect awning material for outdoor spaces near trees and birds due to ease of maintenance. Although vinyl fabrics are not as flexible as other materials, their rigidity allows them to handle pools of water or debris without the risk of tearing.

Polyester Fabrics

Polyester awnings stand out from the rest, making them superb for your outdoor space. Notably, water-resistance is the bare minimum property when looking at awning materials. Polyester has water-resistance properties, just like the other fabrics. However, the most significant advantage that polyester awning fabrics have over other materials is that they are available in different colours and designs. For example, you can find polyester awnings in stripes, solid colours or custom patterns that fit your outdoor style. Furthermore, polyester awnings dry fast and are wrinkle-resistant.