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What Are the Typical Problems That Affect Sliding Patio Doors?

There are numerous issues that impact the performance of sliding doors. Exterior glazed doors come in many forms, of course. You may well find faults with both French doors and bi-folding glazed doors, but the most common form – sliding patio doors – also face problems from time to time despite their usual reliability. In some cases, it will be cheaper and easier to opt for a sliding door replacement rather than attempt to carry out a repair. Bear in mind that many of the most common issues can be fixed but not without expense or, sometimes, compromising on the way your current door operates. As such, a sliding door replacement for your patio may be the best way forward. What are the main issues that such patio doors suffer from?

  • Warped Glazing Panels

Generally speaking, sliding patio doors hold large expanses of glass. They will often extend all the way from the floor of your home to the ceiling and can sometimes measure a metre or two in width. As such, warping can be more common with patio doors than the average window unit. When warping occurs, the glass can sometimes be replaced, but it also sometimes causes the frame to bend out of shape. If this has occurred, then a glazier stands no chance of making new panes fit. Therefore, a sliding door replacement service will be necessary.

  • Broken Locks

All types of locks suffer from damage occasionally. In some sliding patio doors, there is not much room in the frame to fit a very robust lock and some manufacturers, therefore, only install flimsy ones. This could mean that the locking mechanism slips into the gap within the frame or, worse still, your key breaks off inside. Such faults can sometimes be taken care of by a professional locksmith. Nonetheless, if the frame has been damaged due to your faulty lock having too much torsion applied to it, then it is unlikely you will ever be able to fully secure your patio door again – even if a new lock is fitted. Under such circumstances, it is best to replace the unit entirely.

  • Faulty Rollers

Most sliding patio door designs make use of rollers so that the weight of the glazing does not prevent you from moving them back and forth. One of the problems with such a system is that door rollers can become jammed on items that get in their way, such as little pieces of fabric or stones. In some cases, you can snap your rollers simply by opening your patio door before you even realise there was something in the way. It is possible to exchange your door's rollers if they are still available. When they are not, either locking your door permanently shut or opting for a sliding door replacement are your only two viable options.