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3 Steps To Plan A Shade Sail For Your Harbourside Childcare Facility Playground

Shade sails are important features in a childcare facility playground because they protect young children from harsh sun rays while giving them an opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. But when your childcare facility is by the harbour, there may be a few additional things you need to consider. Here are some steps to help you plan shade sails for your harbourside childcare facility playground: 

Consider The Material Based On Local Weather Conditions 

You must keep your local weather and moisture levels in mind when you choose shade sail materials for your childcare playground. For example, if you live in an area with excess moisture, high winds and heavy rains, you may want to consider materials that are water resistant to keep the playground and children protected as much as possible. If you are considering fabric shade sails, you may want to consider getting them treated to give them some waterproofing capability. Typically, canvas and PVC shade sails work well for coastal areas because of their ability to keep sun rays at bay, while offering good weather resistance, durability and reliability. They are also easier to clean, making maintenance less of a hassle for you and your childcare business. 

Plan Your Locations Wisely 

Before you buy anything for the playground, you must think about where they need to be installed. You will need to evaluate the area that needs cover. For example, do you want to cover all play equipment like swings and slides, or do you want to cover seated areas where the children sit to snack? The areas need to have proper points to anchor the shade sail. It may be a good idea to get an expert to evaluate the area so that you can determine the best spots for installing shade sails around the playground for maximum protection and safety overall. 

Establish Colours For Your Shade Sails 

Colour can also have an impact on the way your shade sail manages heat within the playground because light colours reflect and dark colours absorb heat. If you want to keep the kids cool even in summer, then light colours typically work better. But apart from heat reflection and absorption, you will also want to consider the colours of your childcare facility so that the sails complement the existing outlook without obstructing the aesthetics. Most manufacturers offer a range of colours to choose from, so this choice is usually a combination of existing facility colours and your personal taste. 

Planning shade sails for your harbourside childcare facility playground can be tricky when you haven't done it before. Let these steps help you make the right choice.