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Two types of products you should buy for your home before the warmer weather arrives

There are several types of products which you should buy for your home before the warmer weather arrives. Continue reading to discover what these products are.

Retractable flyscreens

The warmer weather often brings with it an increase in insect activity. This, coupled with the fact that you will probably want to keep your windows and doors open to keep your property cool, could result in lots of flies coming into your home when the temperatures start to rise.

The sound and the movement of these flies could be both irritating and distracting. Furthermore, the presence of lots of these insects in your home may result in some of them laying eggs in your household rubbish bin, which could then lead to you having to deal with a maggot infestation. To prevent these unpleasant and annoying problems from occurring, it's worth buying some retractable flyscreens for the windows and doors of your home.

These devices are usually made from a mesh material; this means that air can still flow through them when the window or door to which they're attached is open, but that flies will not be able to move through the small holes in the screen. The retractable design can also make it easier to quickly walk in and out of the doorways around your home, as the screen can be retracted and then pulled back down again with just the pull of a cord or the push of a button.

A garden parasol with UV protection

 If you enjoy relaxing in your garden when the weather becomes warm, you might want to invest in a garden parasol, that comes with a special coating that prevents UV rays from penetrating through the material.

Keeping this in your garden throughout the warmer months will enable you to get some fresh air and read or dine outdoors, without having to continually reapply layer after layer of sticky sunscreen lotion in order to avoid getting sunburnt. The shade offered by the parasol will also mean you won't have to keep your sunglasses on whilst you're in your garden to keep the dazzling sunlight out of your eyes, and may also help to keep you a little cooler during the warmest parts of the day.

If you live in an area which is prone to strong winds, make sure that the parasol you buy comes with a weighted base; this will ensure that it doesn't get knocked over every time it is struck by a gust of wind.