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Contemplating AC Installation? Consider a Split System

Inarguably, air conditioning is one of the staple systems for any Australian household. Thus, it is not surprising to find that there is a wide selection of models that you can choose from when you walk into any appliance store. However, if you are buying an air conditioning system for the first time, you may be daunted by the vast assortment of options. And it is not recommended to pick a unit based on price, as you may soon find out that it is not suitable for your needs. An option that is gaining a lot of traction with Australian homeowners is the split system. Check out the following pros that your residence will benefit from with split-system air conditioning.

Split-system air conditioning is exceedingly versatile

Conventional AC systems will have specific mounting requirements, usually either right at a window or close to one. Moreover, installation entails the cutting away of a hole through the wall, which also inflates the cost of air conditioning installation. Thirdly, extensive ductwork systems translate into more time spent on setup. Split systems, on the other hand, comprise two main parts: internal units and an external compressor. Thus, the interior units can be situated anywhere you want in the home and in any position that you will prefer. Furthermore, only a small gap need to be drilled in the walls of your home to connect the internal units with the exterior compressor.

Split-system air conditioning is visually appealing

A stark drawback of traditional AC units is their bulkiness. Therefore, once you have positioned your unit by your window, it can significantly detract from your interior design—not to mention that if the system is on the ground, it can take up a considerable amount of floor space too. Split systems are one of the most unobtrusive units that you can purchase for your premises. The modules installed at the interior of the home are typically positioned high up the wall, so they tend to stay out of your line of sight. Secondly, these modules are characterised by having a sleek design that can complement any aesthetic, making them an excellent option for both traditional and contemporary homes alike.

Split-system air conditioning is virtually noiseless

The steady hum of a traditional air conditioning system can be quite distracting for some people, especially if they are trying to get some sleep or work done. And if you are one of these people, then it is not advisable to purchase a conventional system that will disrupt your peace. Instead, choose a split system whose exterior processor will be out of earshot.