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Which Glazed Door Is Best for Your Home?

There are four main types of glazed door that are used in dwellings these days. Some variants are offered by door manufacturers but these tend to be made for bespoke orders from architectural practices. If you are considering new glazing in your home for your windows, then don't overlook the additional light that you can get into your house from glazed doorways. Consider which of the following options could be right for your home.

Partially Glazed Doors

If you want to balance privacy with allowing light to flood into your home, then a partially glazed external door is the very thing. These are ideal for the front of your property where people may be turning up for deliveries and so on. Remember that a door which is partially glazed will be even more private if you opt for frosted glass, as well. This sort of door is secure and often used for internal doorways as well as external ones.

French Doors

This type of door has been popular across Europe and North America for decades. In Australia, they are frequently found in conservatories and summer houses. Essentially, a French door is fully glazed from top to bottom with a strong frame that makes a secure entranceway when the door is locked shut. You can get additional security from French door manufacturers through multi-point locking mechanisms, anti-tamper hinges and from tough framing materials like aluminium. This type of glazed door is a classic which will suit any architectural design, new or old.

Sliding Patio Doors

Often considered to be less secure than French doors, sliding patio doors have the advantage that they don't need space in front of them to open up. However, a sliding patio door will only open as far as half the width of the total doorway. This is because one part of the door slides but the other one remains in a fixed position. A cheaper option than other glazed doors, sliding patio doors allow lots of light to come in.

Bi-Folding Doors

A retractable door which folds up onto itself in three or more sections, a bi-folding door can make the outside feel like it is part of your home. When they are fully opened, a continuous space from the inside to the outside is created. However, some bi-folding doors are heavy to move back and forth and rely recessed on runners which need to be maintained, for example, to remove items that have been accidentally dropped into them.