The Forgotten Element?

4 Benefits of an Automated Retractable Awning Over a Non-Retractable One

It is estimated that one in every two Australians prefers to use their outdoors for entertainment purposes that include hosting friends and family. Additionally, about 86% of homeowners have updated their outdoor areas at least once to expand space. In summer, you might be asking yourself how to maintain a patio's comfort while protecting occupants against the sun. Notably, retractable awnings offer such protection and much more. Read on to find out why a retractable awning should feature on your patio during summer.    

Wind Sensors -- High-speed winds create a breeze which is a darling to many people during summer. It is especially the case for people residing along the Australian coastline. However, wind speeds can pick up fast, which might damage your non-retractable awning. With automated retractable awnings, you get a shade that has a wind sensor to detect wind speeds. Once installed, you can key in the maximum wind speeds that the canopy can handle. When wind speeds exceed the preset values, the wind sensor initiates the retraction mechanism. This way, you protect the awning from wind damage.

Choice -- With a non-retractable awning, your patio will always be under shade. However, some people love to bask in the early morning sun on their patio. However, it is not possible to get rid of the shade with a non-retractable awning. With an automated retractable awning, however, choosing between the sun and shade is only a matter of seconds away since you have the ability to choose.

Ease of Operation -- Operating a retractable awning that is not automated means you have to take time and effort to close it. To children and the elderly, the physical effort required to operate such an awning is a limiting factor. As such, a fit adult must be present in cases of a non-automated retractable awning.  However, it is not the case with an automated retractable awning. With a simple push of a button, anyone can turn a cool patio into a warm one and vice versa.

Track Sun Movement -- Some people prefer using the patio on late evenings and early mornings for various activities such as reading or exercising. Since the sun follows a particular trajectory throughout the day, a non-retractable awning might not allow adequate light on the patio during such times. A retractable awning, however, provides choice regarding the amount of light on the patio, and it is made possible by the retractable feature. As the sun moves throughout the day, the awning moves with it; therefore, you do not have to cover your patio fully achieve a shade.