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3 Ways To Glam Up Your Bathroom Windows With Blinds

Bathroom windows are often neglected when it comes to sprucing up the space, but you'll be surprised at the difference they can make to the overall décor with the right window treatments. Blinds and other window treatments are a great way to make your bathroom windows look stylish and alluring without much effort, so consider these ideas to really add the 'glam' factor:

Choose A Style

Window treatments come in different styles, each of which can serve a different purpose, which is why you will need to decide what works best for you. PVC plantation shutters are perfect for humid and moisture-filled bathrooms while offering excellent light control. They can replicate the look of real timber without the warping that comes with it in humid areas. Venetian blinds also offer good light control, but they may require some extra maintenance. Many homeowners love the idea of roller blinds for bathroom windows because they are the easiest to maintain, provide enough privacy and can help to control the level of light into the space. Water-resistant materials are available and are well suited to wet bathroom areas.

Choose A Colour

When it comes to colour for your bathroom blinds, the sky's the limit. There are so many colours to choose from that you'll find yourself spoiled for choice. You can choose colours that either complement the existing décor in your bathroom or colours that completely stand out and make a bold statement on their own. For example, if your bathroom is a type of blush or beige colour, then you can choose blinds in a similar colour for a cohesive finish, or you can choose a bold red, blue or green to contrast beautifully against the subtleness of the rest of the bathroom.

Choose A Finish  

Once you've picked your style and colour, you simply need to decide on a finish to determine how you want your bathroom window blinds to appear. Some people like the glitz that comes with glossy finishes, while others prefer the subtle beauty of matte finishes. Once again, the choice is completely yours, but glossy finishes tend to reveal imperfections more easily and may require a little more maintenance than blinds with matte finishes. If maintenance is not an issue for you and you like glossy glamour, then this is the right choice for your bathroom.

Choosing the right blinds for your bathroom window requires some thought so that you get exactly what you want.