The Forgotten Element?

Easy Solutions for Securing Your Home and Property

Securing your home and property doesn't need to involve complicated alarm systems and intrusive security cameras, as sometimes even a small security upgrade and a few simple tricks that a burglar isn't suspecting can be all that's needed to protect your home. Note a few simple home security suggestions you might try.

Keep your home busy during the day

Many residential break-ins happen during the day, when a home is empty. To reduce this risk, keep your home busy during the day. If you use lawn care services, a pool cleaner, a dog walker, a housekeeping service, or any other such service, schedule them for the daytime when you're away so that your home is always busy and occupied.

If you don't want to leave a key with a housekeeper or dog walker, ask a trusted friend or neighbour to let these people into your home. You might pay them a small amount to do this or swap services to compensate them for their effort; for example, babysitting their child one night every week in exchange for them letting in your house cleaners and staying in your home until they've gone.

Add layers of security

A security door is a good choice for the entryways of a home, but you might also add a security screen door as an added layer of security. You can also install security screens to first-floor windows and to the windows of an attached garage. These screens slow down potential thieves, as they need to break through these screens before they can even get to a door or window. This means there will be more time for someone to notice the thief and alert authorities and more chances of a potential thief getting discouraged and moving on.

Distract them

Thieves often don't like to spend much time in a home but prefer to just quickly grab what they can see and leave the home. You can distract a potential thief by leaving out fake items for them to steal; this might include a "dummy" laptop, meaning an old laptop with its motherboard removed. A few pieces of costume jewellery on a dresser can also be a distraction, and a thief might quickly swipe those pieces without looking for your real jewellery and watches, which you can keep someplace more secure. Spending just a few dollars on these fake items can be worth the investment if it means keeping a thief from finding your items that actually do have value.