The Forgotten Element?

Choosing Your Lounge

If you're like most people, you ask a lot of your couch. Of course it has to be comfy, it's got to look great, it must withstand the daily rigors dished out by the pets and kids, and it has to stand the test of time. A lounge is a significant investment and, whether you're redecorating your entire home or just want to replace that worn out old couch hulking in the corner, when you pick out a new lounge you want to get it right.

Your lifestyle

First and foremost in making your choice of lounge suite is your lifestyle. Do you live alone in a sleek inner city apartment or in a riotous household full of sweaty kids in muddy football boots? Is the size of your household fairly stable, is it expanding as children and grandchildren come and go, or is it time in your life to downsize? Do you move around a lot and need a couch that can suit any room configuration, design and colour scheme, or are you firmly rooted in place?

You want your lounge to last, and taking a good look at your lifestyle is a great way to make sure that the lounge you buy can handle everything you dish out.

Modular lounges

If your home is in a happy state of chaos you can't go past a modular lounge. Modular units were designed with the changing family in mind. They are highly portable, so moving house is a breeze, and they can easily be shifted around to suit the layout of your new digs. Another benefit of the modular lounge for families with young children or rambunctious pets is the ease with which they can be reupholstered, as they are comprised of separate components.

Recliner lounges

Recliners offer a taste of luxury at the end of a big day, and there's nothing quite like sinking into their well padded frames and putting your feet up. Because their internal workings are more complex, recliner lounges are generally heavier than modular lounges, so are best suited to the well settled.


If you feel passionate about interior design and your house is comprised only of the house trained, you may feel most at home with a sofa. Sofas come in such a diverse range of designs that you're sure to find the perfect fit for your home, no matter how specific your tastes.

Whatever your style, keep one eye firmly on your lifestyle when choosing your new lounge. As you relax into its cosy embrace year after year you'll be very glad you did.