The Forgotten Element?

Where and Why to Add Automation to Your Home

Home automation is not just for the rich and famous; the electronics and controls that are used for automating or motorizing certain features of your home are more affordable than ever before, and they can even be installed using wireless signals so that you don't need to worry about your home's walls being torn up to add new wiring for these features. If you'd like to update and upgrade your home's security and convenience, note a few tips on where and why you might add automation or motorized controls in your home.

Moisture sensors

Humidity in a home can lead to mould growth and other very serious damage to the home's framework and building materials. Standing water in the basement, laundry room, and other such areas can allow the home to absorb that moisture, leading to this damage. Moisture sensors can alert you to high humidity levels so you know if the home needs better ventilation, a sump pump, a check for water leaks, and other such repairs that will protect the home from potential water damage.


You can add automation to a robotic vacuum, the home's dishwasher, motorized window washers and self-operating pool vacuums. This allows you to turn on these pieces from a remote panel or add timers so that they start operating at a certain time during the day. In turn, your home can be clean, neat, and ready for relaxing when you arrive after a long day at the office!


A fob on your keys and a chip in the TV remote control can work with your home automation system to alert you to their location if they're lost! You can also have a chip put into your wallet, in your handbag, and on whatever other piece you're often misplacing so your home's system can find them quickly and easily.

Window treatments

Automating your window treatments can enhance home security and comfort; you can add a timer to curtains or blinds so that they open and close throughout the day, making the home look occupied. You can also keep them closed during the day to enhance security, blocking the view of what's in the home, but then have them open just shortly before you arrive, to help warm up the home and make it look bright and inviting. A motorized and automated feature also allows you to close the window treatments through the house from a central panel so you don't need to go from room to room, closing curtains when the sun sets. For options on motorized blinds and other window treatments, contact a professional company, like Illawarra Blinds & Awnings.