The Forgotten Element?

Small But Important Details You Want to Discuss With Your Home Builder

Working with a home builder means that you can create a home that will work for you and your family for years to come, and it will ensure that you get all the rooms you want, in a style that suits you in every way. When you are ready to meet with your home builder and discuss plans and designs, note a few small but important details that you don't want to overlook so you know you'll love your new house in every way.

Laundry room

Gone are the days when washers and dryers were located in a far corner of the basement, as home builders now place them where they're most convenient for homeowners and can create an entire room around them. Consider what your home's laundry room should include and where it should be located for maximum convenience. A first-floor laundry room can be convenient, and you might have it set at the back of the home so it can double as a mudroom and entryway. The room can include cubbyholes for kids to store their shoes and school supplies.

A laundry room might also have a small faucet and tiled area with a drain in the floor for washing pets. A sink and long shelf can work as a space for tending to flowers and gardening needs. Be sure you've considered all the potential uses for this room, and have your home builder create a space that serves all those particular needs.

Outdoor lighting

Be sure you consider the outdoor lighting for your new home, as it's often difficult to retrofit some exterior lighting fixtures once the home is built. Outdoor lighting should illuminate entryways for added security and may also be needed over a patio area, outdoor walkway or even a flowerbed you want to enjoy in the evening.

Organized garage

As with lighting, it's often easier to include organizing features in a garage when a home is being built, rather than to try to retrofit them. Consider your needs for storage; for example, do you ride bikes? If so, you might want added space in the garage, away from the cars, so you can hang the bikes from the garage ceiling and keep them out of the way. If you have lots of tools, you might want built-in drawers and hooks on the wall so you keep those pieces organized, with added space to work on your hobbies or anything else you want to do in the garage.