The Forgotten Element?

How to Dress Up Your Home's Exterior With New Awnings

Awnings are often installed in order to provide shade for a window, keeping the space inside that window cooler and more comfortable. They also direct rainwater, hail, and high winds away from windows and doors, protecting the glass and other materials.

However, awnings can be more than just functional; the materials and style of awnings you choose can add lots of personality to your home's exterior space, making it more attractive and uniquely your own. Note a few tips on how to dress up your home's exterior with new awnings so you know what to shop for, or what to discuss with an awning installer.


Most standard awnings are flat and installed at an angle going forward, over the front of a window or door, to let rainwater fall away and off the awning. For the same function but with a different style, you might choose a curved awning instead of a flat one. An awning in a C-shape over the door or window, curving down over its sides, can make your home look more upscale and a bit more glamorous. This curved shape can also tone down the look of your very square windows and doors, and coordinate better with a rounded patio area or round pool.


Awnings over the entryway of a commercial building often have a logo, slogan, or the name of the business printed on them. You can add personality to your home by adding print as well; this might be your last name or initial, the saying, "Live Laugh Love," or a simple, "Welcome." If you have a good sense of humour, you might add something slightly mischievous, such as, "Abandon hope, all ye who enter!" Any wording you choose will dress up an awning and make it uniquely your own.

Coloured glass

For something very upscale and unique, consider coloured glass for your home's awnings. Glass can be stained or painted virtually any colour, so that you can have awnings that coordinate with the home's siding or brick colour, or have a bold and bright colour that really stands out. You might choose deep red or even black glass awnings for a white home, or white glass for a red brick house. For a sunny and bright look to your home's exterior, choose a shade of yellow or orange. If you want something very bold, opt for a mosaic look, with different coloured squares or rectangles on the glass awning.