The Forgotten Element?

Plastic versus Bamboo: Which Way Should You Go with Outdoor Blinds?

Outdoor blinds are elemental for ensuring privacy at home. Installing them will keep you away from the prying eyes of uninvited on lookers. To add on that, the blinds are a great accessory in terms of adding aesthetic appeal to your home. Properly done blinds, made from versatile material allow you to paint and configure them in a way that enhances the outdoor look of your home. So, should you choose bamboo or plastic when buying outdoor blinds? Here is a discussion that will help you make the right choice when buying outdoor blinds:

Environmental Sustainability

  • Bamboo: With so much debate going on about the sustainability of the environment, lots of attention has be given to the type of materials you use in any construction job at home. So what do you think would be the case if you lay bamboo side by side with plastic for your outdoor blinds? Well, bamboo is certainly the more environment-friendly of the two options. It does not contain any additives, chemicals and toxins likely to cause pollution in your backyard. Moreover, bamboo doesn't fill up dumping places. It is biodegradable and adds humus to the soil.
  • Plastic: the fabrication of plastic requires the use of synthetic resins and other additives to make them hardy and durable. The resins naturally make plastic non-biodegradable and unfriendly to the environment in cases where it is dumped uncontrollably. With plastic blinds, you will need professional recycling services in case they warp.

Maintenance Needs

  • Bamboo: When it comes to maintenance, bamboo blinds are slightly more demanding than plastic blinds. Too much moisture and damp conditions will lead to the growth of mould and mildew on the surface of the wood. You must use a protective coating for waterproofing purposes. The coatings also make it easy to wipe and blow dust off the bamboo surface.
  • Plastic: Plastic blinds are easy to maintain. Using clean water and a mild soap solution, you can always keep dirt and grime at bay. They are also better placed to stand up to moisture because there is no risk of rotting.

Aesthetic Performance

  • Bamboo: For a natural, outdoorsy look, furnished bamboo brings so much to the table. Wood is pleasant to look at, especially when it is rich in grain.
  • Plastic: Even though they can support a host of paint options, plastic has less innovativeness to offer when it comes to looks. Plain plastic surfaces have less to offer as well, and bamboo wins in this category without trouble.

Bamboo blinds have the edge over plastic in both functional and aesthetic terms. You can choose them over plastic any day.