The Forgotten Element?

How to Brighten Up a Windowless Bathroom

If your home's bathroom seems a bit dark and dim, adding a window may not be an option; cutting a space for a window can be expensive, and the exterior wall of the bathroom may not offer the structural support needed to hold a window in place. The bathroom may not even be located along an exterior wall! However, there are some other ways to brighten up a windowless bathroom and keep it looking clean, fresh, and welcoming; note a few suggestions.

Bold colours

White paint is not the only choice for making a windowless bathroom seem bright and spacious; bold colours in a variety of light shades can actually open up the space and distract from the bathroom's size or lack of natural light. Consider any shade of yellow or orange, or a bright blue or green. If these colours seem a bit overwhelming, use them to paint one accent wall, and then bring in some complementary accessories.

Glass and metal

Glass and metal reflect what light is in the bathroom, so consider how you can swap out all your bathroom fixtures for something in glass, or a bright metal; towel bars should be a shiny silver rather than a burnished copper, as an example. Choose glass shelves versus a wood storage unit that fits over the commode. Swap out your storage baskets for glass containers you can keep on those shelves, and choose a glass shower screen rather than a curtain.

Lighting style

You may not be able to add more light fixtures to your home's bathroom if you can't afford to have an electrician run new wiring into the room. Instead, reconsider the bathroom fixture you already have, and note how a replacement can mean more light in the space.

As an example, many bathrooms have a bar over the mirror, which holds a few bulbs in frosted globes. This style of fixture may do little to illuminate the entire bathroom, so opt for oversized round bulbs that don't need to be contained in globes. This will eliminate that layer of frosted glass that cuts off some light from the fixture. If there is space over the mirror, choose a fixture with a large metal panel that sits against the wall; the metal will reflect more light than a small bar. Track lighting with globes or bulbs on adjustable arms can allow you to aim that light toward dark and dim corners of the bathroom, making it seem more illuminated and brighter overall.