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Garage Organising on a Budget

One of the best ways to make the interior of your home's garage look its best is to get it organised; this is easy to do if you have the money for new cabinets and shelving units, but what if your budget is a bit limited? Note a few simple but very affordable tips for getting the inside of your garage organised using  some items you may already have at home. This will help you open up the space and make even the smallest garage work for you.

Pocket organisers

Pocket organisers that you hang in the closet are great for the garage. You can easily store cans of spray paint, paint brushes, and various tools in those pockets. For smaller items, opt for an organiser with clear pockets so you can see what's inside. Add a nail or hook to the garage wall to hang the organisers, and everything is off the floor and the workbench while also being neat and organised.

PVC pipe

If you're like many homeowners, you have scrap pieces of PVC pipe from old repair projects. You can use these to organise lawn care tools. Cut short lengths of pipe and then use construction adhesive to attach them to the wall, the openings to the sides. You can then slide your rake, broom, shovels, and other such tools through the pipes. This will get those tools off the garage floor and keep them from becoming a jumbled mess in the corner.

Laundry baskets

Old laundry baskets are great for organising all those balls and toys that tend to get scattered around the garage. Screw a few baskets right to the garage wall and use them as a catchall for soccer balls, baseballs, and even smaller pieces of sporting equipment, such as gloves and knee pads. A taller, more narrow basket can hold sticks and bats, so they're organised and kept safely away from the car and lawn care equipment.

Plastic bottles

If you need small, compact, see-through containers for nuts and bolts and other connectors, and there's no room over your workbench for the pocket organiser mentioned above, start saving your family's plastic soda and water bottles. Cut off the bottom of the bottle to create a small plastic cup. Sand the edges smooth, and then fasten your homemade cups to the wall above the workbench. You now have small, clear organisers for all those tiny bits and pieces you need to keep organised and at hand.