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5 Signs You Need a Cabinet With Your Fire Extinguisher

In many cases, you are obligated to have a fire extinguisher in your place of business or in rental properties that you own, and in other cases, you may choose to put a fire extinguisher in your home. Regardless of where you plan to put a fire extinguisher, you may be wondering if you need a cabinet. Here's five signs you need one.

1. You Plan to Store the Extinguisher Outside

If stored outside, a fire extinguisher gets exposed to the elements. Rain can potentially lead to rust on the canister, wind can blow dirt and debris on the extinguisher, and hail can seriously dent it. A sturdy cabinet designed for the outdoors can protect your fire extinguisher from all these threats.  

2. You Are Putting a Fire Extinguisher in an Industrial Facility

While the exact substances vary based on the type of facility, industrial facilities tend to have all kinds of chemicals and debris flying around. Depending on the chemicals, that can lead to all kinds of issues or damage with the fire extinguisher. Again, to protect the extinguisher in these environments, a cabinet may be essential.

3. You Want to Reduce Theft and Vandalism

In addition to protecting fire extinguishers from outdoor elements and industrial threats, you may also need to protect your unit from theft or vandalism. A locked case can reduce those risks. In most cases, these cabinets feature a glass door that can be broken with a small mallet that you hang alongside the cabinet.

That doesn't completely eliminate the threat of theft, but it reduces the chances that someone will take or tamper with your fire extinguisher. You can further minimise the threat by putting an alarm on the fire extinguisher cabinet.

4. You Want a Secure Wall Mount

You can attach a fire extinguisher to the wall with all kinds of mounts. However, if you want the sturdiest mount possible, you may want to opt for a cabinet. You can bolt most cabinets to the wall, and that gives your fire extinguisher a sturdy place to sit.

5. You Prefer the Look of a Cabinet

Finally, in some cases, it just boils down to aesthetics. If you prefer the look of a cabinet, you should contact a fire extinguisher specialist or a company that sells fire safety equipment and look at what they have on offer. You can find cabinets in a range of sizes and styles.