The Forgotten Element?

4 Benefits of Double Glazed Windows

If you are considering have your home windows replaced then double glazed windows are the right choice for your property. New double glazed windows not only look fantastic, with a superb range of colours and profiles that would complement any home, but they also offer many features which are less immediately obvious.

It is these features that make double glazed windows such a popular choice with so many home owners today. Double glazed windows require only minimal maintenance, offer superior noise reduction and are highly energy efficient. Here are four reasons why you should add double glazed windows to your home.

Excellent weather sealing properties

Windows are one of the main ways that heat leaks out of your home in the winter, and conversely, they are one of the main reasons that your home becomes too hot in the summer. Installing new double glazed will ensure that your property remains warm during cold weather, and cool during those hot summer days. New double glazed windows will provide your home with many years of excellent temperature whatever the extremes of hot or cold outside your home.

Excellent noise reduction

Do you live near the airport, railway line or a major road? Or are you just concerned about noisy neighbours? Whatever sounds you would like to block out double glazing can help. Double glazed windows can provide strong protection against unwanted noise and let you relax in peace in the privacy of your own home.

Energy efficient windows

Do you have the heating on all winter trying to stay warm, and the air conditioning running throughout the summer? Windows create a major energy problem in many homes. Frequently the majority of energy lost in a home escapes through the windows. By installing double glazing you will greatly reduce the amount of energy that is lost through your windows, and cut down on the cost of your electricity bills.

Sustainable windows

uPVC double glazed windows are environmentally sustainable. uPVC is durable, recyclable, and simple to maintain. It is also fire resistant and adds value to your home. It can withstand salty air, UV radiation, corrosion and termites. However extreme the weather uPVC double glazing is ready to cope.

Whether you choose sliding windows, awning windows, bi-fold windows or even tilt and turn windows, make sure you buy double glazed windows that will offer many years of service in your property keeping the outside air out, and you at the right temperature inside the house.