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3 Benchtop Materials That Are Perfect For A Modern, Industrial-Style Kitchen

If you're remodelling your kitchen, then you've probably devoted many hours to figuring out which look is the best option for you. Like many Australians who take their cooking very seriously, you may find a modern, industrial look appealing. Modern industrial kitchens take the practical and heavy-duty features of commercial kitchens and modify them for use in a residential setting. The result is a functional, minimalist and contemporary kitchen that has a simple yet compelling beauty.

As a highly functional space, the choice of benchtop is a fundamental feature of a modern industrial kitchen. It must have plenty of food preparation space, fit in with the kitchen's aesthetics and provide a durable surface that can stand up to the rigours of a food lover's cooking demands. Here are three benchtop materials that will fit the brief perfectly.

1. A stainless steel benchtop

Stainless steel benchtops are a ubiquitous fixture in commercial kitchens. They're tough, easy to clean and very hygienic. They make a great addition to a modern industrial kitchen and also provide a highly reflective surface that can help keep your kitchen light and bright.

Although there are many specialised stainless steel cleaners available, using baby oil or olive oil to buff the surface is a cost-effective cleaning method that works equally well. Stainless steel is vulnerable to scratching or etching from acidic foods such as lemon, but often this adds to the commercial-kitchen feel of your kitchen.

2. Concrete benchtops

Concrete has always been a popular material for construction. In recent years, it's been used increasingly to create interior features in home design. For a modern industrial kitchen, it's an excellent choice for a benchtop material and creates a utilitarian and ultra-modern look in a kitchen.

Concrete benchtops are cost-effective, incredibly durable and virtually impervious to heat or moisture damage. They also provide you with amazing versatility in both the size and shape of your benchtop and the choice of colour, aggregate type and finish you can opt for.

3. Slate benchtops

For an industrial look that is slightly more rustic than stainless steel or concrete, slate may be the perfect choice. Slate is a tough, natural material that provides a practical yet beautiful finish to your kitchen benchtop.

Slate comes in a wide range of hues, but a dark grey or black will help to create the modern, industrial look you're trying to achieve. Slate is easy to clean, but you'll need to be careful to avoid placing hot pans on the surface to prevent scorch marks.